Francesco Bertini
HR & Merchandising Tech Director
“Work to live, not the opposite.”

Area of expertise: The different roles I’ve played and experiences I’ve had have made me -I want to believe- a good stakeholder/relationships manager. From a more concrete content perspective, my career has been more focused in the Project/Portfolio management space than elsewhere.

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I find myself lucky to have had the opportunity of a very diverse professional life. From Business consultancy in South America to Business School in Spain and now work and life in The Netherlands, I feel I’ve learnt more from the people I’ve had around me than from the job or education themselves. To me, also in the professional space, it all comes down to personal relationships and how to build and manage them. The content is almost secondary. If you read my Motto, you’ll notice that for me work-life balance is crucial. No matter how much you love what you do for work (and you should), jobs can always come and go. Your family, friends and what you do with your time with them (and by yourself) is what makes this life journey worthwhile and exciting, and don’t underestimate the learnings you can get on one side of that equation and apply on the other (both ways!).
Why did you decide to be a mentor?
In all honesty it was not something I had planned. However, when I was given the option and read the brief for this event, I realized it would be a great opportunity to not only self-reflect about my own believes, priorities and expertise but, even more, to share some of them outside of the business setting and company culture I am normally part of. In the process I hope a manage to bring some value to the mentee, however I’m sure it will be a two-way exercise.

Eleonore Breukel
Director Intercultural Communication BV, international business consultant & intercultural trainer
"One candle can light a thousand candles"

Area of expertise: Intercultural management & communication, Training & education in an international context. Geopolitics, Country specifics, Gender, Adaptation & Integration, International negotiations, Coaching & Mentoring

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Through a structured conversation we will quickly get to the expectations and needs of the mentee and share with her how to overcome her obstackels so that she may thrive in business as well as in her personal life.
Why did you decide to be a mentor?
15 years ago I realized that mentoring can be, at times, more effective than coaching. I was asked to write a mentoring manual which gave me the opportunity to do research on the subject. Sharing is caring.

Grażyna Chrust
“If you want to live a happy life, tie it to a goal not to people or things…” (Albert Einstein)

Area of expertise: I have worked for about 19 years on the projects and assignments focusing on the improvement and re-design of internal processes at ING and ABN AMRO Bank. I am a self-employed consultant for interim commissions.

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Better relationships improve business results…’ and I always try to build good relationships with people and interact with people in a positive way. And otherwise I have to be aware of the differences among people and be willing to accept these differences as a positive force within an organization to be able to achieve my goals. Education is the most important powerful weapon which you can use to change the world’ Nelson Mandela .… but also yourself. In my opinion new studies, training, courses stretch our thinking and push us out of our comfort zones, helping us gathering new insights and developing new skills.
Why did you decide to be a mentor?
I agreed to be a mentor as I missed people who could help me & support me on taking right decisions, when I decided to stay in the Netherlands.

Izabela Csontos
Finance Strategy & Development, ING Wholesale Banking
"Passion creates opportunities because limits are adjustable.”

Area of expertise: Finance (business control & management accounting), gender equality.

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I'believe that skills + knowledge are important but equally important is networking & politics. I am constantly searching for happiness, fulfillment & satisfaction.
Why did you decide to be a mentor?
I hope, I can help a woman to be successful.

Agnieszka Gradek - De Munck
Treasury Director
"Life isn't about finding yourself, life is about creating yourself” (George Bernard Shaw)

Area of expertise: I posses over 15 years of audit, accounting and treasury experience, gained while studying and working in Poland, United Kingdom, United Arab Emirates and the Netherlands.

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I am a strong believer in a continuous, professional development. In all my undertakings, I aim at high quality and always question the status quo. But I also learn from mistakes. As George Bernard Shaw wisely pointed: “Success does not consist in never making mistakes but in never making the same one a second time”. In my private life, I look for a proper foundation. I try to create “a better” myself and appreciate every step getting me closer to.
Why did you decide to be a mentor?
Becoming a mentor, enables me to share my professional experiences and personal goals with other women. By listening to each other, we can also reflect on ourselves. We are different and so similar to each other at the same time. Profession, age, nationality are only secondary differentiates....

Małgorzata Grochowska
Sourcing Manager Corporate Materials & Services
"Be who you are and say what you feel because those who mind don't matter, and those who matter don't mind” (Fritz Perls)

Area of expertise: For the last 14 years I have been working mostly in a corporate world and was involved in commercial negotiations at 3 different continents, category strategy development and implementation, incl. contracts definition, project management and as a recent experience - training others; I am a mother of two, a partner to one, a friend to some and co-founder/volunteer with 6 others of a Tamitu Foundation in Amsterdam.

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I have held managerial positions in various companies which helped me gain a broad range of skills in different organizational cultures. Throughout my career, I proved to be an open-minded communicator, respectful when driving for results, and bringing value to the P/L (Profit & Loss) of a company. I was working continuously in dynamic, multicultural environment, and in feedback I am perceived to be committed, and reliable, delivering the goals on individual or team basis. I am on my own personal journey to happiness. I keep myself accountable in being honest to myself and what is important for me to live my life to the full. With enthusiasm, passion and my positive energy I look for challenges, and I like to challenge others to help them reach their goals.
Why did you decide to be a mentor?
I believe that accompanying a mentee on his/her journey is a privilege. I trust I have lots to offer in a way to help people grow and expand their viewpoints, and like being "the sparring partner/sounding board" to help mentee consider new ways of approaching situations in order to succeed. It is fulfilling for me to think and foremost experience that I could help others grow.

Magdalena Hall
Owner & Business Development Director
"The more things you do, the more you can do."

Area of expertise: Psychology and HR consulting as background, cross-cultural experience (Poland, Belgium, The Netherlands), applying the skills learned in international companies in managing my (co-owned) company.

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I would like to share with everyone the importance of project management, business development, HR & strategic onboarding, internal communication within an international association, business development and project management. When it comes to personal development I'd like to share how to build up resilience and stress-resistance; finding work-life balance; developing interpersonal skills and creativity.
Why did you decide to be a mentor?
For me it is a two-way process: I welcome the possibility to exchange ideas and experience with another person.

Jacco Heemskerk
President of CFA Society & Member of Executive Board at RBS NL Pension Fund
"Be free from any limiting (belief) system and be your best self".

Area of expertise: Banker strong in self-management and who loves public speaking.

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I believe what we should do differently in business, is focusing on passions & talents, emotions & values instead of training and depleting people as human resources in a production process.
Why did you decide to be a mentor?
I would like to share the courage to follow your own path and not try to be who everyone else wants you to be.

Joanna Kaczmarek
Senior Project Engineer
"The difference between Who you are and Who you want to be is what you do"

Area of expertise: Project engineering including review and controlling project documentation, certifications, focused on engineering and production details to build trust with the clients by covering all their technical needs. Working in close co-operation with worldwide specialists involved in the project, in an international environment, with major international engineering companies and third party customers.

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My experience lies in the ability to build strong and professional relationship with the worldwide customers. I have great organizational and coordination skills during the project execution and I can build the effective project plan. Engineering knowledge, work experience and expertise based on my own background. When it comes to personal development the way of goals setting to enabling effective professional and personal development and ability to combine the professional and private/ family life is very important.
Why did you decide to be a mentor?
I found the idea and history of Global Mentoring Walk very interesting therefore i decided to be a part of this event. It will be nice to share my own professional experience in order to inspire others to tackle the challenges in their professional and personal growth. Moreover it is also great opportunity to met a new, interesting people.

Joanna Krześlak-Hoogland
Pharma/Biotech Industry Professional
"Life is like riding a bicycle. To keep your balance, you must keep moving."

Area of expertise: Nutrition, Gut Health, Microbiota, consulting, workshops, writing.

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Everybody’s life is full of experiences that shape who we are and how we perceive world. My academic and professional journey included ups and downs and I learnt from them. There were some pivotal decisions I made, such as discontinuing my career in industry, to get me where I am now. Finding and following my passion, next to a dose of motivation and determination, were indispensable ingredients in making my professional-dream real. My life journey has been a continuous growth and development as a person, as a wife, as a mother, as a partner, and as an entrepreneur. I keep learning and grow every day, sometimes it’s something small and sometimes it’s something bigger, sometimes it’s joyful and sometimes it hurts, it’s what life is about. It’s a ride and as a driver I can decide where I want to go and how to get there. I think it’s important to follow your gut, be open and flexible so you don’t miss opportunities around you. It’s in your hands!
Why did you decide to be a mentor?
For me it’s about learning from each other, about talking and connecting, brain-storming, challenging and supporting. Sharing and connecting can have such a powerful impact on us, on our decisions and can change our lives. I would be very happy if my story and my experience can inspire and help others.

Magdalena Kusik
Country Manager Poland
“If you really want to do something, you will find a way. If you don’t, you will find an excuse” (Jim Rohn)

Area of expertise: I feel that I was born with an entrepreneurial mind which made me communicate a lot in a creative way to empower others and myself to reach goals in my life. By practicing yoga (spirituality) I became more self-aware and realized that integrity in combination with big challenges are my huge power givers where I believe that the only true failure is to give up. I challenge myself to take the leap and challenge the fears while enjoying the journey of rejuvenated life.

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Being responsible for setting up the Polish core market I could share the pros and cons of setting up a new business. Moreover I could share the power of resistance in building business relations and what it takes to make them last eternally. And finally how your team says a lot about how strong you are as a leader. Finding a balance in your life between private life and work, the never ending power of self, yoga/running as a recharge button and the importance of sleep in our lives.
Why did you decide to be a mentor?
Global Mentoring Walk seems like an amazing initiative and since I love to share my wisdom, I would like to pass my knowledge forward to those who are interested in receiving it. Additionally I get inspired by people, their stories and drive in reaching their wildest dreams so that’s why I would like to meet the mentee and understand how my journey can be helpful.

Francisca Laporte
“Straight roads do not make skillful drivers”

Area of expertise: Lawyer liability injuries, coach.

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During the event I'd like to share knowledge/ Experience of acquisition, ideas, ideals, to excel as a female professional. To collaborate with other professionals. I can share my professional knowledge and experience of the legal “world”. Personally, I would like to write a novel, I would like to set goals for a better future in human rights & protection of nature. I would like to develop a little estate where people/professional women can relax and reload.
Why did you decide to be a mentor?
I would like to help other professionals to reach their goals.

Shana Laurie de Hernandez
Retail & Consumer Leader
"Try to live each day as if it were your last."

Area of expertise: Accounting and Reporting. PwC Audit Partner and PwC NL Retail and Consumer Leader.

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Happy to answer almost any question. How to combine family (motherhood) and work? The importance of sponsors as well and in addition to mentors. Don’t underestimate politics and the importance of visibility. If I only knew at 20 what I know today! Fear and guilt are my biggest hurdles. Attitude is everything.
Why did you decide to be a mentor?
Because I genuinely believe in modelling, in anecdotes and in examples. Women do not support one another enough.

Hanna Lanart
Managing Principal
"Be happy"

Area of expertise: Functional: Corporate Strategy, Finance; Sectors: Banking, Insurance, Transport & Logistics.

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"Feel the fear and do it anyway"
Why did you decide to be a mentor?
To inspire and to get inspired.

Soussan Mobasser
"Rattle the door before deciding it is closed"

Area of expertise: Working in different cultural environments, with experts from different business functions. Global program management.

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When it comes to the business I'd like to share how to develop leadership skills & to work in international team. When it comes to personal development I think it is important to get to know yourself and know what is critical for you.
Why did you decide to be a mentor?
I have received help and support from many during my career and wish to do the same for people who are now walking up the mountain.

Joanna Niedzińska
HR Manager
"You can find happiness in simple things."

Area of expertise: All areas of HR, coaching, career management, stakeholders management and cakes baking.

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I work in matrix international environment, where career development is one of the highest demands . My expertise in HR comes from FMCG, IT and health care industry. I am working as a coach and continuously developing in this area. I start to explore the area of professional mediation as well. I am consciously working on “finding time for myself” , sometime for intellectual stimulation, sometimes for cooking and baking J or just for siting with a cup of good coffee.
Why did you decide to be a mentor?
I have decided to become a mentor because I can observe daily what impact do coaching and mentoring have. Mentoring is though a bit different but I really believe that personal interaction and time dedicated to those who want to develop can make a huge change. I like to share my knowledge and find it extremely rewarding if I could help someone. It would be as well a great opportunity to know other people.

Renata Mrazova
Global Head of HR
"You don’t get what you wish for, you get what you work for!"

Area of expertise: Strategy, Business Development, Leadership, Passion for People 🙂 Industry: Insurance, Banking and Asset Management.

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I have finance background, majority of the career work as CFO and CEO of Nationale-Nederlanden (insurer and asset manager) and now Global Head of HR. I am the happiest mother of 2 beautiful daughters Anna and Eliska (13 and 9 years old) and happy wife. I love sport: running, cycling, skiing, reading, travelling, history and art.
Why did you decide to be a mentor?
I love learning and new challenges. I love to work with people. I love to give back what I have gotten from others

Dailah Nihot
Managing Director of Corporate Relations
"Women who seek to be equal with men lack ambition" (Marilyn Monroe)

Area of expertise: Corporate Communications, Stakeholder engagement, Media Relations, Branding, Issue management, Sustainability, Board advisor.

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Follow your heart, make sure you’re really good at something, and work hard – there’s rarely any traffic on the extra mile. Invest in knowing who you are; to lead (and serve) others, you must first be able to lead yourself.
Why did you decide to be a mentor?
Nobody makes it alone.

Anna North-Row
Marketing, Branding, Sales / Owner at North Row Consultancy
"Your level of success will seldom exceed your level of personal development, because success is something you attract by the person you become." (Jim Rohn)

Area of expertise: As the owner of North Row Consultancy, I help businesses, start-ups and ambitious entrepreneurs to grow and develop their business potential, by increasing their online presence and tailoring marketing strategies to their requirements so they can focus on their passions and what they love doing the most. My main areas of expertise are: Marketing, Branding, Sales and Publishing.

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During Global Mentoring Walk I would like to share my passion, knowledge and experience in setting up and running your own successful business. My expertise in sales, marketing and branding in regards to running a business. What are the advantages and disadvantages of having your own company in comparison to working in the corporate world. As a person who strongly believes in personal development and the power of mindset in achieving success in life I would like to provide some tips about improving self-knowledge, enhancing the quality of life and developing potential when it comes to creating life on your own terms.
Why did you decide to be a mentor?
My passion is to share knowledge and help other entrepreneurs to develop their potential and provide theoretical and practical solutions to achieve it. By knowing the right tips and tricks in business and having the right success oriented mindset you have a power to create your destiny and become the best version of yourself. I would be honored and happy to help and guide my Mentees in the right direction.

Beata Piskorz
Head of Statutory Accounting
"Oh, Great Spirit, grant me with the serenity to accept the things I cannot change, the courage to change the things I can and the wisdom to now the difference."

Area of expertise: Project management leader in diverse complex programs in Finance.

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I have built my strong professional experience around following areas: Transition /outsourcing; Finance Business Partner; Finance process implementations & improvements. Through the years of experience in different roles not only professional once, but as a Wife, Mom, Daughter, Sister, Friend, I learned that people and communication are the absolute basic in my life. I am certified NLP Master Coach and Time Line Therapy Practitioner. I love coaching as a way to look forward to achieve your goals and maintain lasting change.
Why did you decide to be a mentor?
I just like to share ideas & I love to work with people. The concept of doing this throw the walk in Amsterdam Park is wonderful combination of those elements in the nice environment. It’s also about the excitement of doing new things – I never did it before.

Jiska Pleunes-Caljouw
Chief Compliance Officer
"Always look at the bright sight of life."

Area of expertise: 20 years of experience in the field of operational risk management, compliance and integrity. Focus on behavior and culture. Experience in board dynamics as an adviser to a Management Board. Current role: Chief Compliance Officer NN Group.

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My experience in several business dynamics, how to organize your career, how to maintain personal development and to stay true to yourself. Besides this, what you can do to support others in their professional career and how to contribute to society. I would like to share how to choose jobs that fit your capabilities, personal preferences and experience. How to organize job and private life practically. Finally, how to manage your work-life balance and the bumpy road to this goal.
Why did you decide to be a mentor?
I always put time and effort in supporting others throughout the year. I try to do this in several ways so I add value to society, which is important to me. And it is good for ambitious ladies to be able to speak with others about several elements that you have to deal with in your career.

Michiel Maximiliaan Pool
Project Manager International Innovation Missions&Cooperation
"Dare to be different and to make difference. But do this in a silent way"

Area of expertise: 2Expert in stakeholder management (inc. life long experience on managing cultural differences), setting crystal clear goals and deadlines for successful international project management. Combining this with a conscious lifestyle and passion for music, arts & beauty.

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In professional development I find important the energy, sincerity and experience, seniority and efficient diplomatic trouble shooting as well putting people in their power and hear what others are saying. In the personal life balancing private passions and goals with professional ones are important. Not lose yourself too much in your work. Getting out of your comfort zone.
Why did you decide to be a mentor?
To share my experience, share visions on life and long-life mission. To enjoy every day as much as you can. To listen&learn from my partner in this project.

Luiza Rosińska
Head Reporting Control Management
"Life isn’t about waiting for the storm, to pass, it’s about learning to dance in the rain."

Area of expertise: Inclusive manager and banking professional; credit risk reporting, portfolio management, internal control over financial reporting; team management and individual coaching.

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In my 12 years of working in the Netherlands, I have learned how to overcome cultural obstacles in a highly professional environment, make impact and be visible in a large organisation, how to work with a wide variety of stakeholders from all levels, representing various interests, how to navigate through a changes and reorganizations. During and post the credit crisis when work pressure and demands are high and resources are limited, we had to be focused and deliver quality at all times. It would make me happy to share my experience about how to deal with challenges. How to combine intense professional life with running a family, even if you have to do it on your own. How to get energy from others, care about people who surround and support us, and keep on expanding our horizons.
Why did you decide to be a mentor?
Being a mentor is a two-way street, win-win situation for both a mentor who can learn a great deal of new insights from his/her mentee and for the mentee to get a fresher view on the issues. At the same time it’s a honor but also a responsibility if someone entrust us his/her problems and is open to reconsider own way of thinking. If my experience gained through the struggles I faced can be of any help, I would be very happy and consider it a very well spent time.

Marian Spier
Specialist in international strategic partnerships and branded experiences, curator, moderator and speaker.
"Relax, it is going to be alright."

Area of expertise: Branding/Communications and business development.

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Preparation is key. Invest in you network. You are as good as your last client/project. Take time to rest. Take good care of your physical body. Explore the world.
Why did you decide to be a mentor?
It is a good thing to give back.
Mentoring works both ways. The mentee learns from the mentor, but the mentor also learns from the mentee. I believe in mentorship, because a good mentor can help you get to the next level.

Ron Stam
Sr. Director CFS Europe
“Work Hard, Play Hard”

Area of expertise: Finance & Operations, Running.

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I have been working for two amazing companies during my >25 career, feel I have been privileged to work with such great talent & leaders around me that allowed to develop & grow as a professional. I have been married with my beloved wife since 1998 (we married in Las Vegas..!) and have two beautiful daughters (15,18 years). I have always strived to find the right balance between professional and private life. I am a big cyclist and enjoy running in the winter season.
Why did you decide to be a mentor?
I care about people, want to help others to develop and believe in the STRONGER TOGETHER concept.

Agnieszka Tomczak
Director Human Resources
"Happiness is a matter of choice."

Area of expertise: Human Resources: supporting people's growth as individuals in the organizations and the growth of the organizations thanks to the power of human capital.

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I am a global HR leader with 25 years of experience in multinational companies in various industries across all geographies. The best thing about my own development is that it never stops ... every day brings new events and people to learn from. During my career I have been privileged to work with many different nations, cultures and generations - fascinating and deeply enriching experience which thought me how much we all have in common.
Why did you decide to be a mentor?
I am passionate about helping others to discover how great they are.

Iris van Maarschalkerwaart
“All can happen, if you create it."

Area of expertise: Legal advice, education and research, Public Law and Animal Law.

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Don t be afraid about not getting or having a job. Fear will make you miss out on opportunities. Do what you like and do your best. Be commited, show you are, and get out of your comfort zone. Actually personal or professional development are more or less the same. How cliche, but try to follow your hart. Make sure there are no irrational fears holding you back. Again, step out of your comfort zone. Try different things and know the would is just the world as we know it. And we know just little.
Why did you decide to be a mentor?
A good friend asked me and I am always willing to help or share and interested in other peoples story!

Freek Veenemans
Manager Potential and Succession Management
"Be who you want to be, not what others want to see!"

Area of expertise: Talent Management and Executive Coaching & Recruitment.

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Focus through the years has been to design and implement effective Talent & Succession Management as well as Leadership Development strategies that are aligned with the company's strategic direction and desired culture. Mentoring: It helps you develop your ability to motivate and encourage others. Improvement of your own communication skills and gaining a fresh perspective on things.
Why did you decide to be a mentor?
Being a mentor will enrich your life on both a personal and professional level. “It can be very personally fulfilling to know that you've directly contributed to someone's growth and development. Seeing your mentee succeed as result of your input is a reward in itself”.

Ingrid Veling
Founder of Ignite coaching & consultancy - professional coach
"I would like to be the ‘spark’ that brings a person’s development, growth or dream into motion as other people have been (and still are) the ‘spark’ that enabled my personal and professional growth."

Area of expertise: Leadership Development, Talent Management/succession planning, Diversity & Inclusion, (Culture) change, HR Transformation, coach & trainer.

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I am a certified coach, specialized in leadership transitions and career advancement with a special dedication to female leadership advancement. As a former HR Director I have experience with downsizing, upgrading, people development, culture change, transformations, talent management and succession planning and Management Development. I am married, have to beautiful children, a son Thom (20) and a daughter Dani (17) and a dog called Dizzy. I love hiking, watching movies (with the family), eating out, traveling, reading, learning new things (also what my children teach me) and meeting friends.
Why did you decide to be a mentor?
I have decided to become a mentor as I was very lucky to have had mentors that gave me valuable insights and advice that helped me tremendously in my career. I experienced the effect of being mentored and I have created mentor programs to help high potential individuals advance in their career.

Katerina Veliskova
Marketing Director
"For wonder one has to pray, for changes one has to work."

Area of expertise: Marketing, Business Development, Strategy and strategy execution, Communication. Industry: Logistics.

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I have been working in international environment since I finished my studies in several different countries and learned how to adapt to different conditions, situations and styles. I have a business administration and economics background and have worked most of our career in marketing and marketing communications roles for international companies, and for the past 9 years in the logistics industry. When it comes to personal development I would like to share how to develop your career abroad. As a mother of two kids, how to combine work and private life. And how important (and at least for me challenging) is to find some time for yourself and do what you enjoy to do.
Why did you decide to be a mentor?
I have done a lot of mistakes at the beginning of my career which I could have avoided if I had had a mentor. I strongly believe in the mentoring concept and I want to share my experience and help others.

Arnoud Verhage
Partner & senior consultant

Area of expertise: Experienced strategic advisor in corporate communication. Firm & driven interim manager. People orientated and good in networking.

more >>>

Co-founder and partner of office GKSV; focusing on communication, reputation and public affairs issues interim manager in communication, in both profit and non-profit sector. Focus on issues related on positioning and profiling, stakeholder engagement, reputation and issue & change management. Current Projects: Head of communications at Hogeschool Rotterdam (Rotterdam University) and Strategic Advisor and program manager at Gemeente Amsterdam (City Hall Amsterdam).

Alena Wajs-Hielema
Life Coach & Personal Development Trainer
"Your results depend on how you show up for yourself."

Area of expertise:
* building up self-confidence - to reach higher in careers, building own business and get confident with sales
* getting small business off the ground
* goal achieving accelerator

more >>>

I managed numerous large PHARE Human Resources Development training projects & served as a Training Manager, Corporate Recruiter, performed duties of Deputy Director. I conducted several trainings in the area of secretarial, management support and customer service. Through a diverse education and a varied career path in several different industries I have strengthened general knowledge and developed expertise in the following areas: coaching, training, recruitment and leadership. I’m an initiator and trainer of the training project "Academy for Personal Development" in The Hague.
Owner of Hielema Coaching company (coaching & training).
Portfolio so far includes:
Training course "Academy of Personal Development" (3 editions)
Trainings: "Build up your self-confidence", “Assertive Communication", "Goal Setting Success"
Workshops: "Find your power within", "Discover your feminine beauty""
I am a life-long learner - take several courses each year and coaching one-to-one program to up level my services as this is crucial element in a business
Over the last decade of my professional & personal growth I have invested over €40K myself in high-end mentoring, coaching and education taking full responsibility for my own level of expertise.
Why did you decide to be a mentor?
I have an influence on changing people's lives. I can be a part of something great, helping to build a better & more conscious and stable society.
It is a wise business strategy to mentor others. I can keep on top of new trends, issues, and emerging technologies through my mentee. It can also keep my mind sharp, since a good mentee can challenge me with creativity and great questions
When I decided to mentor someone, I really don’t know how far a person will go. Whether I help someone achieve her dreams or shape the next successful entrepreneur, I know I will make a difference and that is all that really matters to me.

Johannes Wolvius
CFO Challengers & Growth Markets
"Do what you say and say what you do."

Area of expertise: Finance, Capital Management, Banking. As CFO for Challenger and Growth Markets I'm responsible for the finance strategy within C&G including development of the MTP, advising the C&G CEO on strategy, capital allocation and other financial matters. He holds this position since June 2015. I joined ING in 1997. I worked in the fields of Finance, Acquisitions and Capital Management, both in Asian and European markets.

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Let’s talk about how you can turn ideas into reality, to make them happen: deciding what matters and what not across the different functional areas, making sure that you create sufficient support within the organisation and how it also creates an opportunity for further development of your team members.
In private development it is important to keep promises at home and spending time wisely. Work life balance will always be a challenge, but the right choices in your professional life will help you in your private life to be more relaxed and confident!
Why did you decide to be a mentor?
To share one’s own experiences and to see how these can be valuable for someone else is hugely rewarding. At the same time discussing professional and personal dilemmas will help to sharpen my own views and approach.

Jeske Weel
"Light for all!"

Area of expertise: Communication on interior design specializing on lighting.

more >>>

I'd like to share how do you present yourself, with the help of LinkedIn, your own website or social media. How to be a real entrepreneur with confidence and to continue to develop yourself. What to do yourself and when is it smart to outsource work to other professionals and how? How to keep a good work-life balance? How do you test yourself, in order to have confidence and keep going.
Why did you decide to be a mentor?
Here in the Netherlands we say “Alleen is maar alleen.” By talking to other professionals it will be easier to see ‘the light’ and feel enlightened. If I can be that person for someone, then I’ll gladly walk along.

Snezana Zivcevska-Stalpers
Project Manager, Technology and Innovation
"Future belongs to those you challenge the present."

Area of expertise: I'm managing projects is the area of advanced technologies like Watson Analytics, IoT and Cloud Computing. Next to that I'm an advocate and a big promoter of gender equality in IT and STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Math) and Leadership in general. I'm a founder of the Women's Professional Empowerment Initiative – Amsterdam, mentor of young women who want to build a successful career in IT, but also an active member of the initiatives like UN Women - EmpowerWomen, Women in Tech and TEDxAmsterdamWomen.

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I'm the winner of the Impact Award 2016 of the renown Dutch female magazine Opzij in the category ‘Women who influence the society from their formal position, but also women who break the informal boundaries by using their knowledge, experience, time and capabilities to influence.’ I was also nominated for the VIVA400 2016 Awards in category ‘Smart Brains’. I would like to share my professional story, lessons learned and how to overcome the challenges we face in the working environment. The importance of well-developed Personal Leadership skills is very important in personal development.
Why did you decide to be a mentor?
By helping and supporting each other we empower each other. Empowered women mean happy women, happy families, and development of the economy in the country of residence.