Idea and History of the Global Mentoring Walk

Walk -> Talk -> Mentoring

The annual Global Mentoring Walk convenes established leaders and rising women professionals to walk together in their communities across the globe. As they walk, women engage in discussion regarding their professional challenges and successes to establish a mentoring relationship.

Leadership -> Impact -> Transformation

Global Mentoring Walk underscores the value of women’s leadership and exemplifies the transformative impact women have when they join together to promote positive change throughout the world. Each walk is tailored to fit the particular needs of each locale but builds on the success of mentoring walks hosted the past years across Eurasia, Latin America, North Africa and Sub-Saharan Africa.

“The Global Mentoring Walk is an opportunity to highlight the importance of women’s leadership, and to accelerate the impact of women leaders through mentoring,”
said Alyse Nelson, President and CEO of Vital Voices Global Partnership.

The concept for this Global Mentoring Walk derived from American media icon, founder and former CEO of Oxygen Media, Geraldine Laybourne, who launched mentoring walks to empower young women professionals in New York City and across the United States. Attributing much of her own success in the American entertainment industry to mentoring, Ms. Laybourne stated: “Why is it that so many of us did well? Because we had a mentoring outlook. We helped each other along.”

The Power of Mentoring
Mentoring enables established women leaders to inspire, encourage and help others tackle the challenges in their professional and personal growth. Women who have gone before and succeeded are in a unique position to guide and facilitate others to successfully navigate through similar obstacles in their career paths.

Alyse Nelson said, “mentoring is a critical path to leadership because power expands the moment it is shared.”

Catalyst’s report “High Potentials in the Pipeline: Leaders Pay it Forward,” demonstrates just that – 65% of women who had been mentored were paying it forward (Dinolfo, Silva, Carter). Mentoring strengthens a mentee’s motivation and capacity for meeting challenges, exploring new ideas, and making important decisions. It enables emerging women leaders to gain confidence and skills to thrive as leaders. If you would like to learn more about the idea and history of the Global Mentoring Walk all over the world please check the website: Mentoring Walk | Vital Voices.


Polish Professional Women in the Netherlands Society (PPW), inspired by Vital Voices took initiative to organize the Walk in Amsterdam.

Goals of PPW
PPW’s goal is to be a platform for the exchange of knowledge, experience, and support of the personal and professional development. PPW wants to create opportunities for women, bring empowerment, and share positive image of (Polish) women as people who can make it everywhere. It is also important for PPW to be a valuable part of society around.

Why to organize Global Mentoring Walk?
Among PPW’s members there are women who could take a position of a mentor and share their know-how, experience with others.
PPW’s members are also women who could use a mentoring support of more experiences colleagues.
Both groups are interested in spreading and sharing knowledge among women of various backgrounds for learning and following positive examples – we support international cooperation!

The idea of the Global Mentoring Walk is in line with the goals of PPW. PPW would like to be a part of a movement which combine, integrate and build connections between people. PPW would also like to set challenges and support women in achieving their goals. We are for equal chances. We also believe that by organizing Global Mentoring Walk we pay forward.

What is to achieve?

  • Spread an idea of mentoring (also) among Polish women -> it can be helpful in accommodation process, looking for new opportunities, development in the Netherlands
  • Build positive image of (Polish) women;
  • Create circumstances for connection between the women of various nationalities.
  • How to do this?
    PPW will choose among its members such women who could take a position of a mentor. It will also encourage its members to participate in the Walk as mentees.
    Co-operating Partners participating in the project will choose from among its employees several women to come to the path of mentoring, as well as qualified top managers, both men and women, who can play the role of mentors.
    Mentors and mentees will be connected on offer-need basis in order to receive the best matching couple.



    4. HOW TO APPLY?

    If you wish to become a mentee for this event, please fill in this form.
    Once your application has been submitted, please send your photo to irmina.raczylo@polishprofessionalwomen.com

    The profiles of the mentors can be found here.

    You can apply until 24th February end of day. The number of the mentors is limited.

    As soon as the limit of the mentees has been reached, the application form will be closed.




    Venue: Amsterdam, Amsterdamse Bos Date: 18th March 2017 (Saturday) Time: 12:30pm - 6:00pm


    Vital Voices Global



    Embassy of the Republic of Poland in the Netherlands



    Alumna of Vital Voices Program - dr. Daria Mejnartowicz