Through its actions, Polish Professional Women makes a positive impact and adds value to building a better relationship with the world around us. This is why Polish Professional Women has established its Social Responsibility Commission.

As an organization of female professionals, Polish Professional Women wishes that all women, irrespective of nationality and background, are able to handle all kinds of obstacles on their own. They can do so by learning new skills, improve their self-esteem, and become more self-sufficient. Polish Professional Women empowers women to achieve fulfillment on both professional and personal level.

We are socially responsible! The mission of PPW’s Responsibility Commission is to share ideas, experiences, knowledge, positive energy, curiosity about the world as well as being open and tolerant.

What does the Social Responsibility Commission do?

Activating and sharing awareness

Polish Professional Women is an organization of volunteers from Polish women living in The Netherlands. PPW members are keen to get involved in important initiatives within the Dutch society and to be firmly rooted in the local community. Our volunteers bring in their valuable capital for a higher cause and gladly share time and expertise with others. If you're a PPW member and would like to get involved, read more on the site for PPW members.

Co-organization of events and trainings

We contact local charity organizations, focused on supporting women coming from various backgrounds and ethnical groups. We believe that acting together brings the synergy effect. Through organizing meetings, trainings, motivational events or traineeship programs with local charity organizations we help women strengthen their self-esteem and economic independence. We believe that sharing ideas, experiences, and knowledge brings positive energy that stimulates business activity and social participation of women from less advantageous backgrounds. If you are a local non-profit organization and would like to work with us, please find more information on the site for non-profits.

Sharing ideas

We are a sparring partner for other organizations. We share ideas and help develop them. We believe that acting together enables creation of valuable projects that help people achieve their goals.

For our past and future events please visit the activities calendar.

Social Responsibility Video