PPW participates in NLdoet


NLdoet is a volunteering event organized by Oranje Fonds in cooperation with thousands of organizations in the country. The event encourages active participation of volunteers in various social initiatives. 

As the biggest volunteering event in the Netherlands is approaching, we can't imagine this day without PPW team's participation. We believe that, as expats, we have a lot of experience to share with other immigrants in the Netherlands. Therefore, we would like to encourage you to join Team PPW in cooking, dining, and talking with migrants who have recently arrived in the country. The idea is to bring the volunteers in contact with the refugees to help the latter assimilate into the Dutch society.

More information on this event organized by Stichting Camellia can be found here

What? Where? When?

Where: Sara Burgerhartstraat 3, 1055 KV Amsterdam

When: Saturday, 11th March, 17:00 - 20:30

How to get there: tram 12 (Wiltzanghlaan), tram 14 (Egidiusstraat)

Busses: 21, 80, 280, 752 


Join us!

If you are a PPW member and would like to participate in this event, please let us know via email: socialresponsibility@polishprofessionalwomen.com with "NLdoet" in the subject line.