Photo gallery – Global Mentoring Walk 2017

On 18th of March we celebrated International Women's Day by participating in the Vital Voices Global Mentoring Walk in Amsterdam. 

Polish Professional Women in the Netherlands was privileged to organize the Global Mentoring Walk, an initiative launched in 2008 by Geraldine Laybourne, founder and former CEO of Oxygen Media, to empower young women professionals in the United States.
This walk in Amsterdam joined over 130 walks other walks that were happening in 62 countries around the world.

The objective of this event was to connect women leaders and spark a global movement to promote the rising generation through mentorship. International Women’s Day provides the ideal opportunity to demonstrate the power of sharing skills and experiences, and to leverage individual leadership for collective progress.

Last Saturday, over 35 mentors and 35 mentees came together to walk in Amsterdam. They shared their challenges, experiences and their personal stories.
Before the walk we’ve had an opportunity to listen to Marian Spier, founder of TEDx Amsterdam Women, who talked to us about her experiences and the importance of mentoring. Marian was also one of the mentors during this event.

The pool of mentors taking part in this walk was very diverse, from entrepreneurs to people working in banks and corporations.
Every participant took it seriously and even though we were not too lucky with the weather, everyone has decided to walk in the woods of Amsterdam.

At the end, each mentor and mentee received forget-me-not plant, to remember about their mentee/mentor and this special day. All the flowers for this event were purchased in near flower shop, On's Flower Decor.

Joining this global movement was an amazing experience for mentors, mentees and Polish Professional Women association.
We would like to thank each single person for making the time and joining this event. We would not be able to do it without you.

Remember, mentoring is a key tool for personal, professional and business development. Together we can create a new network of role models.

Below you can check out the photos! The meeting was captured by our photographers: Anna Pujer and Kasia van Schip-Giska - thank you!

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