Photo gallery – February Workshop & Pass the Muffin

On 13th February Polish Professional Women held a workshop “Change your eating habits, follow your gut and be healthy” in Casa400 Hotel in Amsterdam.

Dr. Joanna Krześlak and Monika Krzepczak talked about the fact that eating healthy begins with gut, the (anti)nutrition, our eating habits and choices we make.
They shared with participants why they have decided to change their diets and eating habits. Everyone has a different motivation.
It was very interesting to find out that what we eat might influence our mood. We should remember that food and microbes are connected.
Joanna spoke about the difference between a healthy and leaky gut and the diseases that leaky gut causes. (e.g. bowel syndrome).
Monika talked about substances we should avoid in our diet. Each day we make unhealthy choices and how can we change that? Many ingredients in the products we are buying are added to enhance the product flavor (e.g. E-numbers). Also many products contain pesticides or aluminum that’s why it is so important to read the labels on the products.

Below few observations:

“Very useful information and general knowledge about the food. Very helpful on how to make the right choices”.
Kasia Śliwińska

“It was good to see that we need to balance everything that we eat. For examples like strawberries. They are heathy but it is important to keep in mind that strawberries contain lots of sugar. Both presenters were able to transfer their knowledge about the food in easy way. I found this workshop very interesting.”
Dorota Konarska


Before and after this workshop the participants could purchase delicious & healthy muffins, that were baked by volunteers from Polish Professional Women together with Baking Power organization. It was an exceptional team work. Baking for a good cause. All the profit from this sell went to the charity.

The idea of “Pass the muffin” was to empower women in need and help them to find their way back to society. Both, Baking Power and Polish Professional Women, hope that “Pass the muffin” initiative will be passed to another organization and it will become a new movement.
Together we work towards integrated society.

Thank you for coming, great atmosphere and we hope to see you on our next events next events.

Below you can check out the photos! The meeting was captured by our photographer Żaneta Mackey - thank you!

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