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On 18th of September we hosted a workshop “You never have a second chance to make a first impression”

Do you look like yourself?
Do you know how you come across to others?
And what does your outfit say about you?
Do you live an inspired and authentic life?

The StyleCounsel, Myléne Kroon (psychologist) and Patty Zomer (style coach) are combining styling and coaching. On Monday evening at the Marriott Hotel in Amsterdam, they introduced us to the six female style archetypes. Each of them combines a fashion taste with a certain type of energy that defines how you work, live your daily life, and interact with others. "We usually have elements from all these archetypes, but one or two are more visible than others", said Myléne.

After we identified with one (or more) archetypes, we learned how to accept our inner energy and dress more in line with who we are on the inside. This does not only makes us feel more authentic and stronger but also clearly communicates our personality to the outside world.

Additionally, Social Responsibility team organized a charity donation to support a non-profit organization Many of the participants donated business clothes, shoes and accessories to empower women who need to make a good impression doing a job interview, but can't afford new clothes for this occasion.

Special thanks to StyleCounsel and Dress for Success for making this evening happen! And, of course, thank you to all who donated their clothes!

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