Fotorelacja – szkolenie z CV

The first activity in the new year of PPWs Social Responsibility (SR) group has been organizing a workshop on writing great CVs. The meeting took place on January 21st in the Biblioteka Polska in Amsterdam.

With the wider goal of the Social Responsibility group to contribute to society, this event was focused on enabling the individuals to develop themselves and become more successful on the job market. The workshop was hosted by Polish Professional Women' member, Agnieszka Mazuś. In her daily life, Agnieszka works as Global HR Policy Advisor at the Royal Dutch Shell.

The event was attended by people from various backgrounds and all with the same goal to create a CV that makes a difference and can help them find their dream job. During the day, several PPW members facilitated the event, that was documented by our excellent photographer Kasi van ‘t Schip-Giska.

In the course of the workshop Agnieszka explained the importance of a well written resume, why it matters, what it should contain and the message it sends to the reader or recruiter. Half way, Agnieszka switched to practical support and participants were able to have short one-on-ones where the resumes were jointly analysed and changed upon  suggested improvements.

Photo from the event below. Enjoy!

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