Photo gallery “Pass the Muffin”

"Pass the Muffin" event with Baking Power

On the 12th of February, the volunteers from Polish Professional Women met with the Baking Power organization and their female protégées to bake healthy muffins together. This was the first part of the two days event; the following day the muffins were sold during our workshop "Change your eating habits, follow your gut and be healthy". The profits were donated to pay for courses for the Baking Power's protégées of the so that they can learn new skills and get support on their way to professional independence.

PPW is organizing this event for the first time but we hope we can pass it on to a different organization later on, so by “Passing the Muffin” they can pay forward the good deed. 

Below you can check out the photos! The meeting was captured by our photographer Kasia van Schip-Giska - thank you!

Najbliższe spotkanie

Te z Was, które chcą wziąć udział w naszym Mentoring Walk'u; prosimy o zapoznanie się z informacjami na temat eventu oraz wysłanie zgłoszenia.

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